Monday, July 8, 2013


I've decided my Spanish vacationing host family have the right idea. They are vacationing here for a month.

My Project Partner have me a tour brochure in English. I actually live in a great vacation spot, especially since they've rented a car. The one place I've really wanted to go to (27 Charcos) is less than an hour from my campo. Even if we took public transportation its super close. There is a beach within 30 minutes via car. The Brugal factory is close, so people who are into that can go for a tour. And, I live close to resorts type places, tambien. One of the veteran volunteers whose blog I devour went to a resorts type place close to here for US$24 a night with her husband for their anniversary. They had beach front bed things and good food. I'm pretty sure they had hot water too.

Moral of the story. Come visit me, rent a car, and we will tear Puerto Plata up!

You'll have to do all of the driving though. PC volunteers are not allowed to drive and I'd be scared... No joke.

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