Saturday, July 20, 2013


I have Peace Corps skin right now. My legs look like junk. It's really like the same skin I had as a child. I have a big gash in the front of my left leg from the river, mosquito bites up and down both, and a weird roughness on my feet I didn't know was possible.

When do I get my regular skin back? It does come back right? RPCV's you have to tell me, do the scars go away and the softness come back after you return to America, or is this some kind of battle scar I'm going to claim forever? And really, I can't figure out the feet. Is that my lack of hot showers?

The scar from being a doofus pre-PC during a softball practice is still taking up a significant portion of my left leg, so maybe this is forever.

... They should have put this is the pre-service email.

Warning: skin will never again look the same. (Hashtag) totally with it (exclamation point)

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