Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cow poop

I've watched the same cow poop on my morning run for the past three days. How does the cow know that I am about to run? Also, how does a cow walk, chew, hold its tail really high, and poop all at the same time? 

Tambien, is that diarrhea or is it just falling really far? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Don't go to the gas station.

When I get a ride home.

…when I pay for a ride home.

I really don't like it when the chauffeur goes to the gas station and then holds out his hand indicating that I need to pay for the gas.

My house is right down the street from the gas station.

Take me home.

I'll pay you the agreed upon rate.

Then you can go to the 24 hour gas station on your way out of my site using the money I gave you.

None of the above matters at all…
…other than to say I've found something to complain about.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In which I again… ask for money.

… Because I wouldn't want to be the only PCV not informing my friends and family that they can give me money.

… Because I know you love the idea of giving me money because…

Basically, for those of you who remember last years post… the volunteers down here use Thanksgiving as our time to get together for family time. Most of us can't go home because we go home for Christmas (I don't and won't this year… but ya tu sabes, most of my friends are.) The only problem is… ya tu sabes… money.

Some of you remember the post  where I explained how excited I was about Thanksgiving.

This year is a little different. I applied for and finally made it onto the baking team. I am SO excited. I looked forward to Thanksgiving down here before I even left for America. This means I am going to use some of my vacation days and spend a swanky week in the capital baking and making other people happy, which is really what makes me happy. Peace Corps friends are awesome and I am so excited to have our last Thanksgiving in country together.

So…. what can you do if you want to help the volunteers engorge themselves.

For one… there is a link if you would like to help me pay for my ticket. Just use this link…    and then send an email to and let them know the money goes to my ticket. Also, if you want to help pay for my hotel for the night or anything else related to me you can email that address and they will make a separate pay pal link for you to help me out. 

Other than that, for those interested you can also help out the general fund.

I do want to emphasize that this isn't really a Peace Corps event. It's an event that the volunteers put on to bond with each other and not cry about not having their families around for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


"Your computer's not going to get cold your food will. Stop working." -Seth R.

I guess I can be a hard worker when I'm working on something I love. It's Grita week again and I am working with a great staff. Wish us luck.