Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Frank something, my dad the baseball player, and Bruno.

Basically, Amanda went to her first concert the other day. Maybe it doesn't count as a concert. Maybe it was simply my first festival. Maybe a festival is bigger than a concert because it is a bunch of concerts together. Either way, I am on a roll with my doing things once, and then never doing them again. I went to my first something and I had a good time even though I fell asleep on a floor that contained used beer cups. 

Santo Domingo hosted the Presidente Festival over the weekend on October 4, 2014 and I had tickets to go on Saturday. My good friend Susi said it would be fun, so I said I would go because really, it's not that hard to get me out of the house. If you tell me there is an event I am most likely going to tell you I'll be there. 

Obligatory list of things Amanda learned about concerts: 
1. They don't start on time. 
2. The headliner comes out last. 
3. They go for a really long time. (I hear this is only sometimes)
4. The event planners constantly taunt you with the idea of the one guy you want to see. 
5. Beer tastes better at a concert. 
6. Dominabros don't want to dance at concerts even more than they don't want to dance at clubs.
7. I will fall asleep even if my father the the baseball player is blasting some song I don't know. 
8. Event planners will use a giant fireworks display to wake you up before Bruno at 12:10
9. Bruno still won't come out until 12:30 and you regret the 20 minute nap you missed
10. By 11 you will already be thinking about post concert donuts your friends picked up. 
11. Concerts are yet another compass, pointing to my inevitable vida as a grandmother. 

Overall I was VERY satisfied. I've fallen asleep sober in clubs and still had a good time I think I can now say the same for concerts. 

Better list because it's a list of all the socially unacceptable weird places I've fallen asleep:
(Note these all take place after 20:30, the exact moment I tire every night. 
1. Movie theaters
2. Bars
3. Dance Clubs
4. House parties
5. Friends houses
6. Strangers houses
7. Openings to movies I've waited over 3 months to see
8. Plays
9. Bowling alleys
10. Parks

We should also note that I woke up at the very latest at 8:30 the day after each of these events. In reality, I would put money on 75% of the time I woke up before 7 a.m. 

Insert pictures of me looking fly. I was able to borrow a dress from a friend. I was worried about it being too short the entire time I was prepping (Remember I am a grandmother at heart), but I was rocking it by concert time (Because I showed it to no less than 4 girlfriends to get opinions beforehand). 

 My girls and me before the concert. 

.and below we have me and my face before the concert.

I will also include this picture of me with the craziest of eyes, because well, if I don't include it here it will never be seen by anyone ever and I can't let the photo feel so useless. 

So there you have it. A post that was kind of about my time at a concert. 

Oh, and just as an FYI the lineup was Frank Reyes, Daddy Yankee and Bruno Mars. 
(In that order, because I don't want to confuse you the way an event planner might :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cow poop

I've watched the same cow poop on my morning run for the past three days. How does the cow know that I am about to run? Also, how does a cow walk, chew, hold its tail really high, and poop all at the same time? 

Tambien, is that diarrhea or is it just falling really far? 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nail Salon

I went ahead and did something super Dominican, and by "Super Dominican" I mean "Something really girlie that I just happened to do here so I am going to call it Dominican"… I got my nails done acrylic-ly.

I'd post a picture,  but whatever.

True to form I thought about this move for about 3 weeks before I went through with it. One of the girls in one of my classes does nails and her salon is right across from where I teach the class each day. I decided to go ahead and give her some business.

We made plans to start at 5 so naturally she was there at 5:45. It took an hour and a bit. I don't know if that is as long as it takes in America… I have only had it done once before and I wasn't as happy with the results as I was here.

The girl made them pretty short without me really having to tell her and she didm' file the tops of my nails down too much. That was nice…

I left them in a basic french, because that's the kind of person I am, but I did let her put a little flower on one nail on each hand. When I turned around and spoke with Julianna and then turned back around she surprised me and was putting glitter on my nails… whoa girl, but in the end I like them….

And now I will see if I am one of those people who does the whole get them filled in in approx 3 weeks or not.

I may or may not keep you informed.