Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nail Salon

I went ahead and did something super Dominican, and by "Super Dominican" I mean "Something really girlie that I just happened to do here so I am going to call it Dominican"… I got my nails done acrylic-ly.

I'd post a picture,  but whatever.

True to form I thought about this move for about 3 weeks before I went through with it. One of the girls in one of my classes does nails and her salon is right across from where I teach the class each day. I decided to go ahead and give her some business.

We made plans to start at 5 so naturally she was there at 5:45. It took an hour and a bit. I don't know if that is as long as it takes in America… I have only had it done once before and I wasn't as happy with the results as I was here.

The girl made them pretty short without me really having to tell her and she didm' file the tops of my nails down too much. That was nice…

I left them in a basic french, because that's the kind of person I am, but I did let her put a little flower on one nail on each hand. When I turned around and spoke with Julianna and then turned back around she surprised me and was putting glitter on my nails… whoa girl, but in the end I like them….

And now I will see if I am one of those people who does the whole get them filled in in approx 3 weeks or not.

I may or may not keep you informed.

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