Thursday, October 11, 2012


A Peace Corps nomination is as follows:

 After your interview, your recruiter will match your skills with a program that needs those skills and nominate you to that program. Nomination means that you will know the general program you will work in, the geographic region, and your approximate departure date.

So, what I know today is that I am nominated for a march departure date in a spanish speaking country within a community development area. In order to remain competitive, I need to practice spanish. I went out today and purchased some materials. My other intention is to get in better shape. I am going to start making sure I go to the gym five days a week. I started tonight. 

NOMINATION! It's the next step. YAY! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I had my Peace Corps Interview today.

I arrived really early, since I had to drive to Denver. When I arrived at the Panera Bread I sat down to check my Command Center (That's what I call my phone now, because really... it's not just a phone) to make sure I was at the correct location. As I was reading the email from my recruiter I overheard the people in the corner. It was obvious she was conducting an interview. Then, it was obvious it was my recruiter. I was over an hour early, and decided to give them some space.

After the interviewee left I looked over my things and prepared more answers to the questions. I checked to see which projects I thought I qualified for and made sure I was ready. As I sat for another 45 minutes I saw my recruiter just hanging out in the corner. She made a few calls and I gave her some space.

About five minutes before the interview was scheduled to begin she came over and asked me if I was Amanda. I explained that I was and also mentioned that for an hour and a half I knew she was sitting there doing stuff. Should I have walked over sooner? I don't really know, but an interview starts when and interview starts, I wasn't late, and we were both prepared, so I didn't worry too much.

Interesting news: I found out that i actually do qualify for a Spanish speaking location since I have 2 college level Spanish classes... go me. The interview went great. Turns out my recruiter went to Ecuador, so cool, and all of my current questions were answered. I think she liked me, so there it is.I have to fill out a few addendum's.  I also have to fill out another paper that I had, but got messed up. That should arrive from Dallas any day now. Once all of that is filled out, she starts looking for placement for me.

YAY squared.