Application Timeline

8 July 2012- Submitted Application and Health Status Review
August-October- Had an internal fight about finishing graduate school
4 October 2012- Interview with recruiter
4 October 2012- turned in initial paperwork
4 October 2012- Received and returned Skill Addendum
9 October 2012- Granted access to the MAPS portal and finished requirements
10 October 2012- Received and returned legal form
11 October 2012- Received nomination
2 November 2012- I get impatient because my MAP has no tasks. Email my PCR who told me to relax.
15 November 2012- Placement and Assessment Associate (from DC!) Emails me a questionnaire
19 November 2012- I read the email and respond with the answers.
19 November 2012- PAA tells me that I should hear from a Placement Specialist within 2-6 weeks.
30 November 2012- Awkward conversation about how invite was sent on the 23, but I didn't get it.
30 November 2012- I finally get it. Read the post for more information. INVITED!
3 December 2012- The medical journey begins. I have until 4 JANUARY to finish everything.
3 December 2012- First Dental Exam. First Root canal and set of fillings.
4 December 2012- First set of Immunizations
4 December 2012- Second Dental Exam. Upper fillings.
5 December 2012- UPS tries to deliver my Big Blue Envelope.
5 December 2012- Go for lab work. I think I had 7 tests to take.
11 December 2012- Eye Exam after work
14 December 2012- First Pap Smear ever...
20 December 2012- Received my new glasses
27 December 2012- I have to retake my WBC test because it was high. (Makes sense, root canal)
27 December 2012- PC wants a M.D. co-sigh. Nurse practitioner is offended, but fixes things.
27 December 2012- Final Dental Exam. Wisdom teeth removed.
2 January 2013- Final set of immunizations
2 January 2013- EVERYTHING is scanned into my medial applicant file
3 January 2013- Learn I need to re-upload some of my files.
7 January 2013- WBC cleared by PC physician
8 January 2013- Medical Clearance and dental clearance FINAL!
8 Jan-1 Feb 2013- Freak out that I can't go because clearance wasn't until the 8th of Jan.
1 February 2013- I receive the staging email
4 February 2013- Called SATO and planned my trip
4 February 2013- Put in my resignation at work.
5 February 2013- Formally told landlord I'm leaving. This is going to be a challenging point.
8 February 2013- Started packing my apartment.
19 February 2013- Last day of work
4 March 2013- I canceled my car insurance and boarded the plane out of Colorado Springs
6 March 2013- I flew into the Dominican Republic!