Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big Blue Envelope!

Medical Clearance

This is a list of what I need, updated as I get it done. 

1. Physical
  1. Basic Physical   4 December 2012
  2. Pelvic Exam (going to try to make an appointment for Saturday)
  3. Glasses (Going to do a walk in whenever I have time and they are open. Possibly tomorrow after the second root canal)
  4. Lab Work (blood and pee extracted 5 December 2012)
  5. TB  23 August 2012)
2. Dental Exam (Ish, I had an exam and am in the middle of the work)
3. Immunization Compliance (I should really make sure this is printed and scan it in)
4. Polio Immunization (Getting this on Jan 2)
5. Varicella Immunization (First one 4 December. 2nd scheduled for Jan 2.)
6. MMR Immunization (First one 4 December. 2nd scheduled for Jan 2.)
7. Lab work  (In progress)
  1. HIV
  2. CBC
  3. HEP B
  4. HEP C
  5. G6PDQ
  6. Basic Metabolic Panel
  7. Urinalysis
8. Dental X-Rays (When the dental work is done, the x-Rays will be completed)
9. Tetanus and Diptheria Immunization 4 December 2012
10. HHF positive response form (I don't know if I have to upload anything for this, but I will look into that.)

I have been putting off medical things until January when my insurance kicks in, but now that I have to have clearance by 4 January 2013... I am putting off NOTHING. 

I will have you know. On 3 December 2012 I went to Comfort Dental. My doctor... Dr. Hale, took x-Rays and got started. He is great by the way. I have to at least put this in there. He is helping me out a lot with everything and he is a great dentist. On Monday he started my first root canal procedure, did a filling, and didn't make me feel awful for not taking care of my teeth until adulthood. Thank you Dr. Hale. The following day, I came in for upper fillings. Yes, my teeth aren't in great shape. We don't have to talk about it. The (IDK, nurse... dental hygienist,  I don't know their actual title) actually complimented my teeth while she was filling them. I don't know if I believe someone who says I have beautiful teeth as they are filling a tooth next to a root canal, across from another root canal and below another filling, but hey, she made me feel okay about having awful teeth. I will say though, they do look great from the front. 

Also, I went yesterday, 5 December 2012, to have all of the lab work done. I went to "Any Lab Now", and it was fairly cheap. Yay that. Though, I didn't realize, I would be peeing in a cup and I went right before I left work, so I walked over to the Burger King, got a kids meal, and waited out the time before I had to pee playing with the toy I was given. Yay Adulthood. 

I still need to go get a pelvic exam. I've never had one. Yay, Unicorn-status.
Also, I need to go get some spectacles and have another eye exam. On the bright side, I may snatch up two more pair of glasses on that trip. I may need extras! 

I am cutting it a little close with the second set of shots, but they have to be 28 days apart. I will be getting the second set on January 2, 2013. Hopefully EVERYTHING else will be done by then though.

Also, I have to put in a note. I was super nervous about the $4,000 bill I was going to have for my dental work, but someone I know decided to front me $3,000. I don't know if he would want written "credit" for it though, so for now I will say a public "Thank you!" to a private donor.  


So I was at Village Inn with my sister when I received a call from "Washington DC". Needless to say I answered it and started shaking quite a bit.

Some guy went on to tell me that I had received an invitation over a week ago and he was checking on me. I was frantically searching though the 54 emails I hadn't yet deleted... nothing. Nothing. Where is it!!!??? He went on to say that he had sent it on the 23.. blah blah blah. It wasn't there.

He read back the email address he had for me amandacunni..... Insert me butting in, "No! There is an "M" in between amanda and cunningham. You know, like for M*******, my middle name. There is an M there." He told me it would be resent and that I would have an email within half an hour. He gave me his email address and since I could barely hear him he said "F, as in Frank."

I went home... nothing. Two hours later... nothing. During those two hours, I was trying to email him... "FM*****"... it bounced back. "FM*****"... it bounced back.

"Amanda, What are you doing wrong?" I went back to the name I had written down... "Oh,..." It was FM***** I sent him an email, and he wrote me back... oops, he forgot the "n" between the "I" and the "g" in Cunningham. Also, when he said "F" as in Frank, Frank wasn't his name... it was F**** and I was dressing everything to him as Frank. WHOA. Spelling is not my strong point and apparently it isn't his in that moment either. Too much reference to me I'd assume. Finally... I watched my screen, and it popped up. I was invited. I am invited. Dominican Republic in March. Whoa... now the real work begins. I have 30 days to get medically cleared.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Placement Specialist

I went through my emails today and I had an email from a woman named Rebecca. Rebecca is the Placement and Assessment Associate, Community Economic Development Desk. She asked me to fill out a questionnaire. I emailed the document to her and she got back with me today. She told me via email that I should hear more in 2-6 weeks for a final suitability review. 

Placement Specialist, here I come! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


A Peace Corps nomination is as follows:

 After your interview, your recruiter will match your skills with a program that needs those skills and nominate you to that program. Nomination means that you will know the general program you will work in, the geographic region, and your approximate departure date.

So, what I know today is that I am nominated for a march departure date in a spanish speaking country within a community development area. In order to remain competitive, I need to practice spanish. I went out today and purchased some materials. My other intention is to get in better shape. I am going to start making sure I go to the gym five days a week. I started tonight. 

NOMINATION! It's the next step. YAY! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I had my Peace Corps Interview today.

I arrived really early, since I had to drive to Denver. When I arrived at the Panera Bread I sat down to check my Command Center (That's what I call my phone now, because really... it's not just a phone) to make sure I was at the correct location. As I was reading the email from my recruiter I overheard the people in the corner. It was obvious she was conducting an interview. Then, it was obvious it was my recruiter. I was over an hour early, and decided to give them some space.

After the interviewee left I looked over my things and prepared more answers to the questions. I checked to see which projects I thought I qualified for and made sure I was ready. As I sat for another 45 minutes I saw my recruiter just hanging out in the corner. She made a few calls and I gave her some space.

About five minutes before the interview was scheduled to begin she came over and asked me if I was Amanda. I explained that I was and also mentioned that for an hour and a half I knew she was sitting there doing stuff. Should I have walked over sooner? I don't really know, but an interview starts when and interview starts, I wasn't late, and we were both prepared, so I didn't worry too much.

Interesting news: I found out that i actually do qualify for a Spanish speaking location since I have 2 college level Spanish classes... go me. The interview went great. Turns out my recruiter went to Ecuador, so cool, and all of my current questions were answered. I think she liked me, so there it is.I have to fill out a few addendum's.  I also have to fill out another paper that I had, but got messed up. That should arrive from Dallas any day now. Once all of that is filled out, she starts looking for placement for me.

YAY squared.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm doing it... again.

I received a call a few weeks ago from the Peace Corps. The woman I spoke with said I needed to decided if I wanted to finish graduate school before I go, and if I decided to do that, I would have to reapply in six months. I didn't want to reapply, and I didn't feel like I should leave graduate school early. Basically, I sat on it, and let the world happen around me.

As I continued on in my semester, it has been the worst semester I have had. Some of the readers may know about my 2012 summer, and how I lost a lot of people in my life. I moved, got a job at the hospital, and tried to juggle four classes. All the while, I felt like I was giving up on my dream again. I continued to look for jobs in the library field. I actually applied for a Social Media Librarian position that I haven't heard back from yet.

As I sat, my grades went on without me. I tried to care about school, but my lack of ability to find a job even with my bachelors degree was putting me in a stink. I couldn't find a church to go to, and most days went without contact with another person I considered a friend.

Then, I received and email. I had ten days to respond or my application was going inactive. I wrote back right away. I need to do something, not just try to be interested in my school work. I want to go into the Peace Corps. That was a dream I gave up once before and I am not willing to give it up again. The application process takes a long time, and who knows what will happen between now and then. All I know is that I am going for it!

So, yesterday I went to the Police station and had my fingerprints done. Be warned, you have to pay for two, so I had to take money out of the ATM twice, instead of once. Hello twice as many fees... Hate it.

Now I have an interview next week at a Panera Bread in Denver. Am I looking forward to driving my shaky car to Denver, no. Am I looking forward to seeing face to face a Peace Corps representative. You bet I am.

I. Can't. Wait.

P.S. When this finally goes public, I wonder where in life I will be. Right now, I am somewhat on my own.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Address Change

When I started my application I was planning to move to Indiana. I wanted to get away from some personal problems in Colorado. Well, literally 3 days before I was going to leave my wonderful cousin called me and talked me out of it. Well, everything is well and good, but I realized I am going to have to get in with a different regional office.

I made some calls and sent some emails. I was asked for my current address, which I gave, and now I am sitting in a waiting position again. I'm not going to wait too long before I make some contact of my own, but I know that the application process is changing soon, and assume that may slow things up a bit. I am still waiting for my tool kit information to arrive. It will likely arrive in Indiana and I will have to have my mama send it to me.

Until later,

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today, I submitted my application and Health Status Review to the Peace Corps. I have read close to thirty PCV blogs over the past two weeks, and I am determined to become a volunteer.

I knew the application was changing on the 26 of July, and I was hopeful that I could turn in the application by that time. My only worry was that the Health Status Review would require actual medical tests, but it turns out that those come later.

I do have to thank some people before I log off of the Internet I am borrowing from the woman who lives below the woman whose hair my sister is cutting.

First, JFK, for making a statement in sometime forever ago about serving in the Corps that I read when I was in high school.

Second, to the Peace Corps itself, for existing.

Third, to Laura Heil, for telling em about her plans to apply and in the process reminding me of the dream a young Amanda once had. Also, she read my essays and gave this passive-happy woman some tips.

Fourth, to Taylor Childress (Soon to be Edwards) for encouraging me and also, reading the essays of a passive-happy woman.

Fifth, to Austin wise, for reading my essays and telling me to follow my dreams.

Sixth, to my mom and Gabby, for knowing that my dreams are going to take me to the most random places, but encouraging me none-the-less.

Seventh, to Leslie Linwick, Teona, and Stacey Garrett, for providing me with the recommendations I needed to get through. You were all so very fast even though I know you are busy with kids, future kids, and summer break!

Eighth, to all the blog writers whose blogs I have devoured. You have shown me that I really don't care where I go, I just want to go and serve the people of the world who are asking for something simple.

Ninth, to that guy who I was talking to on that website. For being funny, fun, and totally whatever about the whole thing, because we don't really know each other.

Tenth, because I want ten, to everyone I have ever met, who has shaped who I have become. I want my life to be about someone else. I want people to look back on my life and say I was helpful. Student loans, paying you back is going to be awful, but paying you back is not what is going to stop me from being a productive member of society. If it's not the Peace Corps, it'll be something else,  but my life will not be wasted.