Thursday, December 6, 2012

Medical Clearance

This is a list of what I need, updated as I get it done. 

1. Physical
  1. Basic Physical   4 December 2012
  2. Pelvic Exam (going to try to make an appointment for Saturday)
  3. Glasses (Going to do a walk in whenever I have time and they are open. Possibly tomorrow after the second root canal)
  4. Lab Work (blood and pee extracted 5 December 2012)
  5. TB  23 August 2012)
2. Dental Exam (Ish, I had an exam and am in the middle of the work)
3. Immunization Compliance (I should really make sure this is printed and scan it in)
4. Polio Immunization (Getting this on Jan 2)
5. Varicella Immunization (First one 4 December. 2nd scheduled for Jan 2.)
6. MMR Immunization (First one 4 December. 2nd scheduled for Jan 2.)
7. Lab work  (In progress)
  1. HIV
  2. CBC
  3. HEP B
  4. HEP C
  5. G6PDQ
  6. Basic Metabolic Panel
  7. Urinalysis
8. Dental X-Rays (When the dental work is done, the x-Rays will be completed)
9. Tetanus and Diptheria Immunization 4 December 2012
10. HHF positive response form (I don't know if I have to upload anything for this, but I will look into that.)

I have been putting off medical things until January when my insurance kicks in, but now that I have to have clearance by 4 January 2013... I am putting off NOTHING. 

I will have you know. On 3 December 2012 I went to Comfort Dental. My doctor... Dr. Hale, took x-Rays and got started. He is great by the way. I have to at least put this in there. He is helping me out a lot with everything and he is a great dentist. On Monday he started my first root canal procedure, did a filling, and didn't make me feel awful for not taking care of my teeth until adulthood. Thank you Dr. Hale. The following day, I came in for upper fillings. Yes, my teeth aren't in great shape. We don't have to talk about it. The (IDK, nurse... dental hygienist,  I don't know their actual title) actually complimented my teeth while she was filling them. I don't know if I believe someone who says I have beautiful teeth as they are filling a tooth next to a root canal, across from another root canal and below another filling, but hey, she made me feel okay about having awful teeth. I will say though, they do look great from the front. 

Also, I went yesterday, 5 December 2012, to have all of the lab work done. I went to "Any Lab Now", and it was fairly cheap. Yay that. Though, I didn't realize, I would be peeing in a cup and I went right before I left work, so I walked over to the Burger King, got a kids meal, and waited out the time before I had to pee playing with the toy I was given. Yay Adulthood. 

I still need to go get a pelvic exam. I've never had one. Yay, Unicorn-status.
Also, I need to go get some spectacles and have another eye exam. On the bright side, I may snatch up two more pair of glasses on that trip. I may need extras! 

I am cutting it a little close with the second set of shots, but they have to be 28 days apart. I will be getting the second set on January 2, 2013. Hopefully EVERYTHING else will be done by then though.

Also, I have to put in a note. I was super nervous about the $4,000 bill I was going to have for my dental work, but someone I know decided to front me $3,000. I don't know if he would want written "credit" for it though, so for now I will say a public "Thank you!" to a private donor.  

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