Thursday, December 6, 2012


So I was at Village Inn with my sister when I received a call from "Washington DC". Needless to say I answered it and started shaking quite a bit.

Some guy went on to tell me that I had received an invitation over a week ago and he was checking on me. I was frantically searching though the 54 emails I hadn't yet deleted... nothing. Nothing. Where is it!!!??? He went on to say that he had sent it on the 23.. blah blah blah. It wasn't there.

He read back the email address he had for me amandacunni..... Insert me butting in, "No! There is an "M" in between amanda and cunningham. You know, like for M*******, my middle name. There is an M there." He told me it would be resent and that I would have an email within half an hour. He gave me his email address and since I could barely hear him he said "F, as in Frank."

I went home... nothing. Two hours later... nothing. During those two hours, I was trying to email him... "FM*****"... it bounced back. "FM*****"... it bounced back.

"Amanda, What are you doing wrong?" I went back to the name I had written down... "Oh,..." It was FM***** I sent him an email, and he wrote me back... oops, he forgot the "n" between the "I" and the "g" in Cunningham. Also, when he said "F" as in Frank, Frank wasn't his name... it was F**** and I was dressing everything to him as Frank. WHOA. Spelling is not my strong point and apparently it isn't his in that moment either. Too much reference to me I'd assume. Finally... I watched my screen, and it popped up. I was invited. I am invited. Dominican Republic in March. Whoa... now the real work begins. I have 30 days to get medically cleared.

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