Thursday, October 4, 2012


I had my Peace Corps Interview today.

I arrived really early, since I had to drive to Denver. When I arrived at the Panera Bread I sat down to check my Command Center (That's what I call my phone now, because really... it's not just a phone) to make sure I was at the correct location. As I was reading the email from my recruiter I overheard the people in the corner. It was obvious she was conducting an interview. Then, it was obvious it was my recruiter. I was over an hour early, and decided to give them some space.

After the interviewee left I looked over my things and prepared more answers to the questions. I checked to see which projects I thought I qualified for and made sure I was ready. As I sat for another 45 minutes I saw my recruiter just hanging out in the corner. She made a few calls and I gave her some space.

About five minutes before the interview was scheduled to begin she came over and asked me if I was Amanda. I explained that I was and also mentioned that for an hour and a half I knew she was sitting there doing stuff. Should I have walked over sooner? I don't really know, but an interview starts when and interview starts, I wasn't late, and we were both prepared, so I didn't worry too much.

Interesting news: I found out that i actually do qualify for a Spanish speaking location since I have 2 college level Spanish classes... go me. The interview went great. Turns out my recruiter went to Ecuador, so cool, and all of my current questions were answered. I think she liked me, so there it is.I have to fill out a few addendum's.  I also have to fill out another paper that I had, but got messed up. That should arrive from Dallas any day now. Once all of that is filled out, she starts looking for placement for me.

YAY squared.

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