Tuesday, July 9, 2013


A non-exhaustive list of things I didn't know about chickens but now do:

1. The roosters are sometimes as big as small turkeys.

2. They bathe themselves in dust and later will flap their wings and send dust flying.

3. They will taste anything, but generally don't like eating wet food, like cherries vs corn kernels. Kernels bueno, cherries malo.

4. Pollitos (chicks) die a lot.

5. Pollitos sleep under their mother hen even after they've hatched.

6. Mother hens are protective like a mama dog. They basically bark and growl if you come near their babies.

7. They don't run away. They will walk around in the same yard all day and never run away.

8. They have personalities. I can tell them apart because they all act so different and actually look really different.

9. They will jump up and bite you in the elbow if you are eating bread.

10. They will take bread directly out of your hand if you don't shoo them away in time.

Chickens, hens, roosters, and chicks are basically the dogs of the DR.

Side note about turkeys: the boys have a weird thing hanging from the front of their bodies called an Escoba, which is also the word for broom.

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