Monday, July 8, 2013

Administrative separation

I found out today that someone who came in with my group was separated from PC.

I was shocked because, as I told one of my Peace Corps best friends, this person was literally the LAST person I ever expected to be administratively separated from PC. When I looked at her I always thought, "She is so Peace Corps." She had the clothes and the attitude and the unexpected Spanish skill set you need to be in the Peace Corps.

My friend and I were speaking in general about separation from PC. I don't want to be separated because if you are add sepped from PC you can never do it again. He doesn't want to be add sepped because it looks bad on a resume.

He thinks its crazy that my reason is because you can't do Peace Corps twice. I only kind of care about my résumé.

What do you think? Which category do you think you would fall into? Why wouldn't you want to be administratively separated from the Peace Corps.

Also, to my friend who is back in America. Man! I'm really going to miss you. I literally still owe you RD$20 I planned to go visit your site to get library advice. I was literally in disbelief when I found out. I'm sorry it was you. I'm going to keep track of you via the fae-bú and I hope you find what you're looking for post this situation.


  1. Obviously it's the resume one. It's crazy to think about doing Peace Corps again BEFORE YOU'VE FINISHED IT THE FIRST TIME, but it's totally reasonable to think about trying to find another job after being ad-sep'd.

    Signed the person who was referred to in this blog post.

    1. My reply to that is exactly what I said to my friend who agrees with you.

      Every Peace Corps country is different. Every country works differently and has it's own budget and way of doing things. Training is different as is how and where our volunteers work with the country locals. The only thing that is exactly the same is the mission and beliefs.

      I say, if I signed up for Peace Corps because I believe in the mission I can't say I wouldn't do it again just because I had problems with something administratively or with my assignment.

      My reasons for saying I would sign up again are the same as the reasons I said I would sign up in the first place.

      Also, administrative seperation means you can't work in the peace corps offices in Washington or in a nonvolunteer position in any other country. It cuts you off completely from Peace Corps, and I think that is worse than not having Peace Corps on your resume at all.

      That doesn't end your ability to have another job again, but it does prevent you from ever having a job with Peace Corps.