Sunday, July 14, 2013

I knew I was in PC when

These are the not super PC but I've-been-here-for-four-months PC related things.

I walked 15 minutes to see if the electricity and cable were on so I could use the Internet.

When the Internet was out and I thought, "Well, at least I can sit in this chair for an hour and wait for the unlikely luz to come back. Something interesting will probably happen and if I sit long enough someone will give me a soda." (Update: the soda came in 30 minutes. This time they added crackers to the mix. My life is so healthy.)

I started wearing shoes in the shower. (I didn't even do that in college.)

I was surprised when my Doña squeezed a lime on my daily lunch of rice. "What is this FLAVOR your trying to add to my happy bland existence?"

I chose cheese that had been sitting in the sun in its own juices all day over fresh eggs for dinner.

I chose to NOT shave my legs but to go ahead and wear shorts anyway.

"I know it's been 4 months and my mail isn't here yet, just give it time Mom."

That chicken jumped up and bit me.

There's a bunch of mold in my shower. It's whatever, just wear shoes.

I automatically put my toilet paper in a trash can now instead of the bowl.

A guy told me the bread was going to make me fat while he handed me a cup of sugar and a drip of coffee.

I stopped thinking the cow walking down the street alone was loose. Someone will find it eventually and more than likely it'll head home.

I chose to sew my flip flops that were 4 sizes too small and broken instead of buying new. ($200 pesos is just too much. That's like 5 whole American dollars.)

Changing fractions into decimals is university math.

He didn't have change so he just gave me three pieces of candy.

This conversation:
"I don't like greased food."
"That's not grease. It's run off from when I fried the egg."
"Oh. Well, I don't like that either."
I asked to help with the dishes and I was demoted to "rinser". The job you give a kid you don't trust to actually get anything clean.

I always pretend it isn't weird for me when I see people naked. Oh, your helping that guy pee on the front porch. Not weird. Oh, your naked in the front yard? Not weird. Oh, just heading to the outdoor shower? Not weird. Oh that child is playing with his junk in the street? Not weird. I also try to pretend it isn't weird when people see me naked. Oh, you're coming into my room while I'm getting dressed. Not weird. You just wanted to give me some hot tea? How nice of you. Yes, those are my breasts. This isn't weird at all. Will you hand me that bra?

I'll just say this. Before I was in peace corps I was kind of proud of the small number of people who had seen me all or part naked, now, it's whatever. People are naked sometimes and sometimes they aren't and at times other people see them. It's really no big deal. (Until I'm back in America that is. I promise it'll be weird again.)

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