Monday, July 8, 2013


I've been having more ups than downs lately. I feel in charge of my movements. I feel in charge of my words. I feel in charge of my work.

For those of you curious about the PC path I am currently in my last month of the diagnostic phase. I have been able to get away with doing NOTHING and still call it work. Okay, I'm walking house to house ish and talking to people. I'm figuring out the beat of Gualete. I'm visiting the river. I'm remembering names. But. I'm also deciding at the beginning of a day that instead of seeking out that guy to work with I may just go to the river and talk to him tomorrow. Or I'll decide to hang at my house with the out-of-campo family. It's a really work and not work kind of life. They tell you in training it'll be like that. That is should be like that. But living it you still feel like the biggest slacker in America. (Amanda, you aren't in America...)

Other than that I'm okay. I'm happy to say I do feel like my campo is home. I don't miss my Cuerpo de Paz friends every second of the day. They are simply fond memories I look forward to seeing when I can. Incidentally that'll be this week. Get ready! I'm pretty sure Lobo and I are going to go see Monsters Inc. it'll probably be in Spanish. Maybe that'll make it funnier.

Also, my legs look awful. Not that they were in magazines before, but they looked like normal legs. Now, the Dominicans all point out the mosquito scars from my first months in country. I don't get bitten as much now, but the scars are still there.

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