Tuesday, July 23, 2013


You know how "they" say August is summer? Well, I never believed "them", because school started in August, and in May I had already given up on school, so summer was May, June, and July.

Then I moved to the Dominican Republic. The days are getting hotter and hotter with no signs of slowing down. It's like I signed up to live close to the equator or something.

Really though... I will forever contribute to the "August is in the summer" way of thinking, because I may drown in my own sweat while sitting in front of a fan in a dark room.

Why don't more cold countries request PC services? How do the hot stay poor? I bet it's because it's hot. There are just so many hours in the day when people would rather not do anything. Including me.

In other news, I think I found the house I want to rent. I was back an forth on the staying with my host family thing, but some days I can't handle living with housekeepers and a little girl who is basically a slave. I want to pick up a broom to sweep the floor and not have all of the condescending eyes on me, and I want to be able to walk away when the hitting kids culture gets out of hand. The house is in the middle of the part of the campo I like and no one lives in it, but the owner is an old lady who moved to New York years ago. I have to look to her remaining family to find out about maybe renting it for almost two years. Surely someone could use the money.

The good stuff about it is I heard it has an indoor kitchen and some furniture already in it. Hopefully if I can rent it I could walk in and not have to buy much. I'll keep you in the know.

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