Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the effing rocks

I can't do it. I just don't understand. The little girl was crying (a new little girl), and her mother grabbed her by her arm and dragged her toward the drive way. I didn't quite understand what she did. I usually don't. The girl is crying and the mother is screaming and pointing to the ground. She can't be more than 4 years old.

"What did she do?" I pondered.

Then she punched the girl in the back. (WTF was that????)
Actual balled fist.

Then, she grabbed the girls little denim Capri pants and began to roll them up. What is this?

Then she made the girl put her knees in the rocks and hold herself there while she cried in pain.

Seriously: WTF!

So I just stared, motionless. What do I do? So I looked on.

The new cleaning lady came by and picked the little girl up and toweled off her knees. I was glad the kids appeared to now have a Dominican on their side. Then the mother was yelling from in the house. The little girl went back to the rocks and the other little girl, the one I've mentioned before, joined her. I thought she was showing some kind of moral support.

The cleaning lady came back and picked up the little girl. I had walked over to her to ask what happened. Trying to find some way to show I disapprove. Can I also just pick the kid up and say no, that this will not happen?

The older girl, the one I thought was giving support stayed in the rocks. I asked the cleaning lady what was up. She just said that the other girl was older and could handle it. Apparently she has also done something to deserve this sentence.

Again. WTF?

I just leaned by the wall. "What do I do? Do I get in the rocks with them?"
Really, I was two seconds from doing just that. If the cleaning lady hasn't asked me what was up in that exact second I would have.

She just looked at me as if everything was normal and said, "Que fue?"

I just looked her in the eye, said "No!" and made for my room.

I can't watch this $4!7 much longer.

What do I do? As in literally. What would you do. I know it happens here. It's been happening here. It was mentioned in training. It being child abuse. I just don't remember what I'm supposed to do about it. Ignoring it seems like an awful plan.

It seems such a hard topic in the states where it's not even legal. Here it's totally fine if a parent wants to kick the life out of a kid. So what do I do?

I know one thing. If I see this crap in the states, watch your back, I'm calling the numbers. I suddenly don't care about what it would do to the emotions of a parent to have their kid taken away. I wish I could take these kids away from their parents. You don't take your kid, your four year old little girl, and make her put her entire body weight in a pile of rocks with only her knees to support her. I don't know. Spanish is suddenly not the hardest part of living here. The child abuse is driving me crazy.

I mean really. Try to name one thing that little girl could have done to deserve that treatment. Once you thought of it I'll tell you this. 1. She didn't do that. 2. She still wouldn't deserve that kind of treatment.

I've been trying to avoid vulgar language in this blog, but I'm just going to say it;

This is bullshit.

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