Thursday, July 4, 2013

And I don't even speak Spanish!

So I taught someone something and a few days later they taught someone else.

So you know how I love the game Blokus? (I you didn't you so now... Lets play!)

Well I taught the little girl in my house how to play and I was able to teach her, in Spanish, some of the strategy tips for winning.

Well tonight I taught this 24 year old guy how to play too. He was pretty good. Well, he was playing against the little girl and I saw a move he had, but it was a tricky explanation and a multiple move gain. I was pondering if I should tell him, but decided it wasn't the right time. Well he made the "wrong" (strategically malo) move and I was going to let it slide.

Imagine my surprise when the little girl fooled us all and explained to him that if he moved that piece he would later be able to play a better piece and thus have a better score.

Now what was that they said in training? Because of the learning style a lot of kids don't have critical thinking skills? Well, that is actually very true, but tonight I learned that those skills aren't gone forever, just dormant.

Now, I'm not STOKED right now because I taught Blokus. I've taught a few people, I'm excited because I was able to teach strategy and have it passed along... In SPANISH!

She lives with me and we both like "azul y verde". 

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