Friday, July 5, 2013


Sorry I didn't say anything about your Independence America, but I did mention it to a Dominican. Forgiven?

Have you heard "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars? If you have, think about that song as you read. If you haven't heard it google it and listen then get back to me. (Mom, that means go to YouTube or something... Really. I mean it. Do it. You will appreciate this better.)

That was my day.


I did get up at 5:50 like every other day and put on clothes. I may have walked outside in my bra and undies to see if the exercise clothes I had washed dried overnight. I was hoping the entire time that nobody would find me, but being as it was 5:57 a.m. I felt pretty safe. They were still damp. I sat on the edge of my bed for no less than four minutes and considered falling back asleep. Then I remember my walking partner who was an 8 minute walk from me and I didn't have another way of telling her I was bailing (how I miss text messages sometimes.) I guess I had to walk to her house and start my day. I found different, dry clothes. I was at her house by 6:13.

We walked the 15 minutes to the pley, and walked around 10 times at 2:40 each. I didn't really put effort into the walk, but really, how hard is it to walk? (Remind me I need new shoes. The 7 year old pair I currently have does not prevent me from feeling every road rock, though my friend says their perfect since the pley is dirty. I don't think she understands foot support.) Also, I thought about everything I don't need to think about. You girls remember pulling off a flower petal at a time and saying a little rhyme? That is my life. Also, I want more tall socks. Otherwise the Mosquitos sample my skin and blood during the entire walk.

We stretched. Well, I stretch. She does exactly whatever I do as I do it. If I wipe my hand she wipes her hand. If I crack my knuckles she cracks her knuckles. It is the time in my day I feel the most awkward. Why are you literally doing everything I do? Okay, so we stretched.

We walked home. Well, we walked to her house. That was 15 minutes. Her father in law rubbed my arms down with cigarettes and alcohol. Just kidding... He greeted me by touching my arm, but I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. He's really nice, but the man could probably lay off the boos... It was 7:37 in the morning and he was planning on touching me. That combination should mean less boos the night before.

So I sat for 15 minutes and played with her niña whom finally allowed me to hold her today. She's cute, but I cut it short because she only wears diapers at night. During the day it is only panties and she is 1.5 years old. Bad combo when she is sitting on my lap. Cute as can be though.

When I left my friend wanted to say "va temprano." Which means I am leaving early. Everybody says that when I leave. No matter how long I sit there. Yesterday I told her that it didn't matter what time I left she was still going to say, "tempraaaano." We laughed about it, and today when I said, "Okay, Me Voy" she just looked at me and we both laughed. It was early I guess, but I've taken to getting out of there before her mother in law makes me a full breakfast. I don't like the fried eggs and green bananas and I would regret wasting any of their food, because they are pretty pobre (poor).

So I went home. I had a large glass of water waiting for me (as in I wanted to make one, my family doesn't greet me with ice water after exercise. Ha ha that would be nice though). They do greet me with bread and coffee though, which I drink and eat occasionally. I walked to my room to grab my current book. (Today it was the autobiography of Santa Clause.) Then I sat for an hour on the porch with the old dudes in my house. I read, they sat. Occasionally we would chat. Then I sat some more.

Sounds like a lot right? Maybe you're thinking, Amanda, that wasn't lazy. Well, wait until you hear the rest of my day...

There isn't any. That's it. I got out of bed. Took an 1.5 hour walk, and then I sat in a rocking chair. I'm actually in the chair right now, though I did take a nap between sitting.

Like the song says, "Today I don't feel like doing anything. I just want to lay in my bed."

I don't have a phone signal, so that part was out. I don't have MTV or cable, but I do have a MacBook Pro and all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in my iTunes.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Tomorrow... I probably won't meet a girl who will tell me "oh my god this is great." And I already have a college degree. So my parents can be proud of me... Does that mean I get to be lazy tomorrow too?

I just lay in my bed. The fan was out because the luz was out and the sun was high.

I didn't comb my hair.
I didn't go any where.
I may have put on my birthday suit.

You know how you sometimes take a shower and then you just stop the getting dressed process? Well, I didn't even do the take a shower part. Literally nothing.

I read the Christmas chronicles.
My computer watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas while I took a nap.
When the luz (electricity) came on I stayed in my bed but now I had a fan pointing at me.
I ignored a knock at my door. Let them think I'm sleeping. It's whatever today. I did eat lunch. That was a break in my nap. The ice cream man was at my house too, so I guess I'll buy some. Then I went back to my room. My computer watched Matilda and I joined it for maybe half. I started the second book in the series entitled "How Mrs. Clause Saved Christmas." Then I just stopped reading.

Around 5 the little girl asked to play cards. That was too much effort for this day. I told her half an hour. She came back. I played cards. (I've mentioned how important the little girl is to me. I try not to ignore her too much especially when she doesn't have work and actually can play for a bit.)

Dinner showed up.
We played SkipBo.
We played Blokus.
She had work between and during.
I listened to music.

Now I'm sitting.
My project partner showed up.

(That relationship is getting better. We are scheduling things together better.)

Maybe I'll go back to bed soon.
It's 7:38 now and I have to be up at 5:50... Wait. No I don't, my walking partner told me this morning she doesn't want to walk on Saturday mornings anymore...

Two lazy days in a row probably wouldn't be healthy for me right now, but one is highly recommended.

My Doña just brought me tea.
I should take a shower, but I don't want to. Why ruin a nothing day with cold water? I could boil some, but that may be too much work for today. I want to be asleep in 1.5 hours.

I need new shoes.
I want more socks.
I am thinking a lot about Christmas a lot week.
I'm going to miss looking at Christmas lights this year.
I am sometimes the laziest government employee in the word.
I still don't speak Spanish.

I'm sorry that was so long.
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