Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I started over tonight. I've been walking with a mujer every morning I sleep in Guelete, but lately it just hasn't felt like enough. I've wanted to run. At the end of the day I like to use every last piece of energy I have by running like I'm mad at something. I had a lot of things get in my way of being home at a decent hour for the run, but I had a lot of things going in my favor also. I said To myself if I make it home by six I am going for a run. After a bola (free ride) went out of its way to get me home I looked at the clock and it was 5:58. I took it as a sign and threw on my running clothes real quick. I walked down to the play (baseball field), which took longer than I thought it would so I threw in a run every now and again. Then I started running for real. Then I wanted to give up. When I would tell myself reasons to quit for the night I would follow with "Excuses" and remind myself of at least one reason why I really wanted to start running again. The gist of which is to feel better, but specifics aren't being stated. So half way through I was determined... And the app told me I was half way through so it was like, "Okay, Amanda. Why give up now?" So I ran my heart out, and it started to rain... Now, rain is no joke. Especially when you are a 20 minute run from your house and you are already exhausted. No bueno... So I decided I would head for home and finish the run in the street. Well, then a bola showed up and when a bola shows up and sweat is literally dripping off your glasses and it's raining and you have your iPhone on you... That tends to be a case for, "okay, I'll run for real tomorrow."

Now I'm sitting in the driveway of a dude I met once. His lady (I don't know if this is his wife or his daughter) gave me some jugo (juice) and the rain stopped. I should head home, but whatever. This is my life and I like it.

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