Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had a discussion last night with some Dominican-American kids. Their parents are from here, but they are full blooded Americans. The 10 year old and I had a long discussion about why iPads are great and how I still really want one. It was really interesting how upset she was about her Dad having her iPad since before Christmas, but he held out until her birthday in February to give it to her. The 15 year old and I talked about addiction to Internet and apple products.

It was also interesting how against latrines these girls were. Their family is from here, but they told me they refuse to use them. They really are a product of the country I love and miss so much. I don't have a problem with latrines. Yes, I am stoked that my people are building a bathroom with a real toilet in the apartment I'm renting, but I wouldn't be mad about a latrine. I think we've learned I just want access to making my bath water warm.

Another thing that surprised me was just how happy these girls were to be able to speak English with me. They said it was more comfortable for them. I asked them if they speak English at home and they said yes. That was strange because their parents are from here.

I am learning a lot about the assumptions I had with life. I am also wondering how easy it will be to raise kids who are super comfortable with both languages (granted I a. Get the language down myself and b. have kids one day).

Also, I wrote this at the Internet center where the wifi connection has been bad for about a month and its not important enough to anybody to fix it because I am the only person using my wifi device with any level of consistency. I'm going to look into other Internet options. I may even become a security risk and have my iPhone hooked up to an ISP.

I am a product of my generation and I have given up feeling guilty about my desire to have rapid Internet 24/7... The world would be a better place I everyone had that (along with knowledge of use), of this I am almost certain.

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  1. Well Internet without the firewall like china where u can't see all the horrible stuff they done to them. Also my people really!