Friday, August 30, 2013

Again, two years girl

28 August 2013

It started with a broken spray bottle I use to put water in my hair. The sprayer doesn't really work and I had considered getting a new one.

Then the cleaning girl in my house asked if she could have it in two years when I leave.

Again, I'm still here. It will likely be broken by then.

As I brought in all the new things for my casa she asked if I was going to sell it to her when I left.

Okay... We can talk about that in 18 months.

Tonight, we were reading my favorite kids book in Spanish that I got here. She wanted to know if I would give it to her when I left in two years.

What is this? I really want to take that book home with me. The spray bottle will be on a last leg if not dead, and my estufa, well, I can probably sell that one to you.

I should keep a list of the things she wants. I'll put it here for safe keeping.

1. Bike
2. Broken spray bottle with the fish on it
3. Stove top
4. Gas tank
5. Mattress, box spring, and cart
6. Children's book
7. Pots, pans, plates, etc.
8. Combs

Maybe she thinks I'm going to drop everything I obtain here and run away with my computer and iProducts (she knows enough not to ask for them). Actually, she did mention that she basically thought I'd take just my computer and go.

Who knows, maybe I will grab the goods and run when this is all over. The clothing I wear is quickly becoming a collection of things from the free box and will likely find a home there again. The pants I'm wearing could have been from Peace Corps DR 1996. At least the underwater I brought with me.

I'll let you know what becomes of my stuff. Who knows. Maybe I'll be one of those volunteers whose house burns down right before COS making packing to go home that much easier.

(Side note: I'm putting mini twists in my hair in the morning. We will see how my first attempt at this style goes.)

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