Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There is some plotting going on within the group of women I am working with. It has to do with me and some women trying to plot that I am going to work with them and no one else. I need to work to make sure that doesn't happen, because it would not look good for me or Peace Corps if that were true.

They are also helping me find a house, but that too seems to be turning into a plot to get me at their houses.

Tomorrow I think I am going to head out on foot early and simply ask about every empty house I find. If these people are going to waste time plotting to get me in their backyards literally instead of finding a good house that is close they are going to lose me... Distance wise.

I'm trying to stay a little close though, because I have a feeling the one thing I will care about at the end of my service is my relationship with this little girl. She just lit a lamp for me even though the light of this phone is bright enough for us to sit and listen to the rain with.

She and I are going to sing badly in Spanish now.

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