Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I live in BFE

Okay, I can't decide if its an "N" or an "E", but whatever. I live super far into nothingness. I was talking to other volunteers and decided my site was super far away from everything. To get to my site, at the very least, from the capital, it costs RD$600. Just to get out of my site to the road that goes to actual places cost RD$150. Most other volunteers that have a moto ride have a RD$50 or RD$75 max. Then it's at least a RD$150 to anywhere worth talking about.

It's okay. I, sometimes, like my site and I really like the straight from my door to the door of the Peace Corps office Guagua my campo has.

Come visit.

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  1. It's e for Egypt unless u want to be weird n say no where