Monday, August 5, 2013

Computers and internet

I had my computer out today and the group of people at my house was almost entirely new. Entonces, they didn't understand the sad skills my computer was lacking. People kept asking me if I had Internet and if I could look up people on Facebook for them. 

I think they didn't believe me when I said that I did not have Internet because it was like they kept sending different people to ask just to see if I were lying. 

I had my computer out because tomorrow I have to get up in front of a mixed crowd of Dominicans and Americans and give a presentation in Spanish over the information I have gathered over the past three months. (Here, again, I admit that I miss the English language). 

I tried to explain again that if I went down to the Internet cafe, and they had luz, and they had cable, I would then maybe be able to have Internet. It is a maybe because sometimes the router isn't working and the boy behind the counter doesn't really feel like resetting it for the American. 

It's like talking to someone of the wrong generation in the states. It's fine, some people just don't understand how the Internet works. "You have a computer. Why isn't the Internet working?" Older adult, I agree with you. As soon as my computer was open I too wish it were instantly connected to Internet, but unfortunately... That's not how the World Wide Web works just yet. 

I will also point out that people here don't always understand that I can't hear them when my headphones are on. They go on and on with conversations until I notice they are talking and ask them to start over. It's worse with kids. They've likely never used headphones and don't understand the strange new head accessory I am using so I grant grace there, but really, quit asking about the Internet. I'm not lying to you out of sport. If I had Facebook, believe me, I'd probably be on it right now. 

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