Saturday, August 3, 2013


When am I going to stop wanting to talk to anybody who speaks English?

I mean it. Whenever I come across anybody that speaks English I think we should have at least an hour long conversation. I'm usually disappointed when they end the conversation with who are you? Oh, I'm "x".

This is probably because the English speakers are typically dudes in their 20's and any guy here in his 20's who speaks English is not interested in talking to me because unlike me, they also understand what every other person in the room is talking about and that may include a set of weird facts about the American and how many pig intestines she avoided eating for lunch. It's for the best I guess since I should probably avoid English and force some Spanish, but sometimes it's really hard to avoid a conversation where I at least understand the other person.

I bet peace corps languages were easier to learn before telephones and the Internet.

Also, whenever I do I for my first visit back to America I bet I sit fascinated by all the words I can comprehend. (I guess I should hope that by that time I understand enough Spanish that comprehension isn't a factor.)

Anyway, English, I miss you. We had something I didn't even realize until it was gone. Come back to me... Por favor?

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