Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another house

In walks my doña. She asks me if I want to "go for a walk". I know what her ploy is. She wants me to rent a little casa down the street from her so she can have control. She told me she wanted me close so she could protect me, but of what I've seen so far, my doña is a plotter.

So off we go to take a "walk". A thing we never do unless we are heading to a meeting and in a direction we have literally never gone. My doña actually grabbed my arm when I looked at her confused about this "walk" and tried to pull me to the street. Okay, I'll go, but I'm on to you.

When we made it to the little casa she walked past it and turned around about 20 feet away. Then, as we pass the house again she acted all surprised. "Oh! It's that little house I was telling you about. Lets go inside and look at it!"

Okay doña. Like I don't know your plot.

I have to admit, the house is great. It comes furnished and has a stove. It would suck kind of to have a latrine, but the rent would be RD$1000 (US$25) a month. Literally 1/6 of what I pay now, but I have to keep in mind that I would be buying my own food and crap.

The bad thing is that this house is even farther away from the area I want to live in than my current situation. Yesterday when I spent most of the day in the good area, then walked back home, I felt the air change. The mood is just so different by my house. There is no music, the people are older, and I can't not think about abuse and plotting as I get toward my house. Everything surrounding this deal feels like a ploy to control my life.

I think my new plot will be as such. If tomorrow, when I go check out the place I want to live, if I can negotiate the price and all I that I may try to rent the bed, stove, tables, and chairs from the other lady for 1/2 the rent. The house is just sitting on her property, so maybe her furniture can sit two miles down the road for two years... Maybe.

I just can't live so far away from the one adult female who always makes me happier when I see her.

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