Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I need to get more songs on Spanish. Last night the little girl and I laid down on the tile in the kitchen and listened to my two songs in Spanish over and over against during the rain storm.

Yes, I did throw in English songs every now and then (Pittbull: Give me Everything), but she only liked the ones she had heard before (Pittbull: Give me Everything) and I didn't have the heart to force her to listen to Lana Del Rey, so we stuck with the only one she knew (Pittbull: Give me Everything).

I've decided she is the reason I have to deal with a creepy project partner who is 50, has almost no teeth, and hits on everyone like a creeper (Except me. With the exception of telling me I could live in his house for free, adding "my baby" onto the only English phrases he knows even though I told him it was creeper, and watching me do everything from eating to fixing my hair, he tends to not seem to be hitting on me.)

If I have to see him once a month at a meeting, every time he makes it his job to come to my host family's house, in the street, and hear his name brought up every day of my life for the next two years, I'm going to make up for it by having fun with and making the life better of the little girl ("worker") at my house. I buy her soda and let her play with my games and read my books. When I leave, I want her reading level to be brought up. That's a fair trade for my site I guess. (Until he crosses my final line that is. If that happens, site change here I come. Really dude, you are going to lose a dedicated worker if you continue to be creepy. Promise. ¡Se fue la Amanda!)

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