Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm still here...

So in going to buy the things I need for my house soon and I want to point out that a girl at my house has already asked me of he can have it when I leave... In two years.

She also asked me today if she can have my water bottle when I leave... In two years.

She asked me if she could have my bike last week.

I didn't realize someone was already counting down the days until I leave so thy could have the things I don't even have yet.

Also, I wish there was a GoodWill here. I furnished a cute apartment on like $100 exactly one year ago and I'm about to do the exact same thing. Should I be feeling some kind of nostalgia right now?

both apartments were studios.
Both need a bed.
Both had yellow paint.
Both make me feel all cozy.
Both will have little refrigerators.

My life here is going to be a lot like my life in America, but I sleep in here more often.

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