Friday, May 3, 2013

It's not April

So, the other day I wrote that tomorrow was April. That's wrong. "Tomorrow" was May. I have somehow lost an entire month in this country training. Where has the time gone? What are all of you people in the states up to? Have any of you lost this much time? I am going to be 23 years old in 13 days. I am going to be living in my new community in 13 days. I am officially going to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in 13 days. In case it isn't clear. I am less than two weeks away from living a completely different life from this life that is already completely different from my real life. Every day I think of new ideas for sharing all of these new experiences. I want to share what I've already learned even though I have so much more to learn.

Tomorrow, when we leave CBT and head back to Santo Domingo we are in for the ride of a lifetime. From then on we will receive a packet of information about our new home, meet our project partner blind date style, and then head off on public transportation with all of our crap arranged marriage style.

I watched that movie Marie Antoinette. This is like that.

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