Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The language of children

I've been having a hard time wanting to leave my room recently. I won't go into too much detail, but lets just say I have a very over bearing person in my life right now. Because of this, I have more or less been home bound and therefore English bound. I read a lot, and I need to change that. With that in mind, I left my house this morning and walked up the hill to the next casa. I was hoping for a woman I had met last week, but found instead her daughter. The daughter has her hair up in true Dominican style. After awkwardly speaking every Spanish word I know I was asked in for some coffee and a tour. She does have a porky house. I think it is fairly new. Everything looks clean and new. She has cable. I think she is living off of remittences. When I asked about the father of her little four year old niño she explained that he is in Nueva York. Just so we are all aware, to Dominicans, The United States is Nueva York. All Dominicans that move to the states move there and everyone knows someone who is there. Anyway, she has a pretty nice home and the man who picture is in the house is in the states, entonces I'm thinking remittences.

My point. We are watching some kids movie on Cartoon Network and it is in Spanish, but like The Croods, even with my limited Spanish, I'm understanding it all.

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