Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Man, I feel like a woman.

I don't know if I wore high heels "a lot" in America, but here, I know I do not wear them nearly enough. I miss my shoes. When the PCDR packing list said not to bring shoes I promptly ignored that. I know that sometimes I have to get up, put on a pretty dress, and walk around in some heels. I may not even have to leave my house. Sometimes it just feels nice to feel like you look nice. If that means I brought 2 pounds of extra weight that isn't suggested and doesn't make sense then I am okay with that.

All of this comes in light of my most recent event... swearing in as a peace corps volunteer. It was a ceremony completely in Spanish, but hey, I looked nice. I wore jewelry, heels, and a vestida worth the money I spent on it that one time I was in Wisconsin. I took pictures, so those will appear sooner or later, but for now, I slumber knowing I will always be able to say I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, at the very least, for a day.

BTW, Happy Birthday. Last year was a Sh!t storm, so this year has to be better.

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  1. Well congrats!!! I'm so proud of u girlie! And a very mery birthday to you!