Sunday, May 12, 2013

Using my iPhone

My iPhone has been a great help to me. I have invested in a great app for practicing verb conjugation. (Thank you Sara for that one!) it's called Conjuverb. Great app for anyone studying Spanish. I also downloaded a Spanish dictionary and a flash card app. I use my couch to 5K app when I run in the morning and I still use the 100 push up app occasionally. I use my email to periodically send in a blog post, but I can type them here and keep them until I have an Internet connection. Instagram is fun and I still use my calendar to track things. Another girl, Sara, brought an iPad mini and I'm staring to think I want one tambien. It really has been more useful than not. The only thin I would want different is way more space. Since Internet, uploading, and downloading are few and far between megabytes are the real answer.
Below is my home screen. Most of the apps I use frequently are here. I really just wanted anyone with the desire to have a chance to check out the Spanish practice apps.

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