Friday, May 10, 2013


I will never again complain about finding my way around America. No subway, bus station, airport, boat dock, or train route in America is ever allowed to be considered complicated again. This decision comes from spending a good 45 minutes with my project partner simply trying to know we both understood the route to and from my city and Santo Domingo. It's actually quite simple. It's two guaguas and a motoconcho. The hard part comes in when he was explaining which city, which wasn't on the big map I had, I needed to dismount the guagua in. I was reminded of the time I spent in Europe. The transportation was similar to America in that I could look up a schedule and a price online before I went. Roads had names and trains listed prices. Maps were in foreign languages, but everybody spoke English after they heard me butcher their language just once. Here, I butcher Spanish and they ask me to keep going. It's interesting how easy things seem when I have a semblance of normalcy. Here, nothing is normal and nothing makes sense. Never again may I complain, because at least the information will be in English.

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