Monday, May 20, 2013


20 May 2013
Night time, as in late, as in it might as well be tomorrow.
Okay, we will just call it 21 May 2013 aka: my cousins birthday.

I've begun what I've read about for ages... I call it Peace Corps reading. I read two books yesterday and another one today. I still ha time to study Spanish and go to another town to meet with a friend. I've regained my younger self's reading speed. I actually think I need to slow down the pace, because I am almost out of books and I don't see another trip to Santo Domingo for at least a few weeks. The good news is, I have two years and a room full of books to get through in my spare time. Soon, as in now, my time will run shorter, but I am happy that in the wake of being out of college I have regained my ability to read for pleasure.

All I need now is to start reading in Spanish. Aqua para elefantes is not going as quickly as "Into the Wild" and two of Jodi Picoults books went. Spanish... You are my Everest.

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