Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You've Got a Live One!

Picture this. It's the day we are all going to meet our project partners. I see a guy dressed to impress. He's older with a cool haircut. Tambien, he has a sweet mustache. I look to my new friends and say, "Look at him. I want him to be my project partner." Lobo said something about not being able to handle all of that professionalism. I remember thinking and then saying he was correct. He was wearing a suit and looked ready for business. I'm not even ready to use the word business.

Later I was told my project partners had arrived. Wouldn't you know it... There he was. He was suited up and ready for me to get started. Tambien, he talks... A LOT! He talks more than me. He said a bunch of stuff I didn't understand that I later learned was his plan for me to meet EVERYBODY in the world. Well, everybody in Gaulete.

As Sasha said, "You've got a live one." All the volunteers who speak fluent Spanish told me to watch out. Also, I was told I may need to set some boundaries...

It's my first full day here. I spent the morning learning that the community wants me here even though I speak almost no Spanish. They all plan to teach me. My project partner is VERY involved, but I like it. He says I have 50% of my time with him and his association and 50% with the other. He is a hand holder, but for now it works. He introduces me and the plan. I can understand that he knows the first few months are for diagnostics.

Also, I'm pretty sure he is already planning my puppy. I said I wanted one and he was about to get me one. I had to put that off. This is not the time. He put my birthday in his date planner and told everybody it was coming up. He is disappointed that I won't be here for it. I'll be in Santo Domingo.

I don't have cell service unless I walk up the hill, but it's okay. My phone doesn't usually ring anyway, and text messages will come in as they will. I'm going to have to seek out the person in the community with wifi though.

I'm really far away from most I my close peace corps people, but it turns out that doesn't matter. I foresee being really happy here. I can't wait for you to visit!!!!

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