Friday, May 31, 2013

Student Loans

Before I came to PCDR I read a blog post written by another Coloradan who was in the DR. (I'll note that it wasn't until last week that I realized she was also from Colorado) I will put the link to her blog here... (

I ran into her in the office the other day and asked her about it again. Well, I think this is the step I am going to take. Instead of deferring my loans, which technically I have already done, I am going to start tracking myself for the PSLF program. Basically people who work for the government or in education/ public service related jobs can have their loans forgiven after about 10 years of full on time payments. Since I don't know what life after Peace Corps will be I will at least begin getting credit on my loans while I wait out the next two years. If, after Peace Corps I don't work for a qualifying employer for 10 years I'll be able to crunch the numbers and save, but on the chance that I do work for a qualifying employer I would regret giving up two years of qualification. 

So, that is what I think I am going to do about my loans. 
I only wrote this because as Erin says in her post (really, just read hers because its better) no one writes about what they do about their loans when they join Peace Corps and PC isn't really in the business of giving advice about finances and what each individual should do. 

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