Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tomorrow is April and mawarwia Wednesday... The day I take my Aralan pills AKA dream inducers.

We are all a little frustrated right now. We were supposed to go to a conference this weekend and it was pushed back. We are frustrated about it, but trying to keep in mind the people who have actually been working on the conference for months.

We were also told we could find out our sites on Friday only to have that ripped out from under us a well. Again, I'm trying to keep in mind that this is because the person who makes the final decision on site placement is working really hard to place is all in the right site.

I guess since I was a "cheater" I never really had to wonder about which country I was going to go to. I simply went to the wiki and deciphered where it was. Here, even if there was a website that said, "Amanda will be placed here." I wouldn't have enough of an Internet connection to search it.

As it is, I set up my blog to post via email y entonces I typically write these posts days in advance on my iPhone (so glad I upgraded by the way) and post them when I can send a quick email.

2 years 2 weeks and about 1 day left. I haven't even dipped my toe in the water.

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