Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For now, some things will be out of order.

It's funny. The family I have in CBT is very similar to a family unit I was once a member of. Here I live with the grandmother and the daughter lives next door. By lives next door I mean she has a house, but she, her two-year-old daughter and older son are always in my house. It's fine. She and the mom sit around all day caring for the kids, doing nails, and gabbing. I really like siting and observing them. This has also lead me to recognize that I love sitting an watching people without feeling this need to interject thoughts. In the states, when everybody spoke English, I felt like I had to participate in conversation, but here, since I don't understand most of the conversations happening around me, I tend to be a tranquillo observer. 

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  1. People watching is one of my fav things to do!