Wednesday, April 17, 2013


CBT is great for no other reason than my host family is so much nicer than the one in Santo Domingo. Here I don't feel like a paycheck. In SD the host families have volunteers in and out twice a year. They know the deal. Some American will be in their house for a few weeks, speaking no Spanish and eating food twice a day. For the CBT families this is all new. Sure, they get a paycheck too, but we are probably still humans in their eyes rather than $ signs. (Yes, the $ is used for Pesos too. Which makes buying lunch for $250 a much different experience.

I also want to use my new space to start a DR exercise routine. Currently my routine is walk up a bunch of hills all day as I head to the different places I have to go. So, no routine at all. I want to start running. I know some of the other volunteers get up at 6 A.M. and run. I am up at 6 A.M. typically, but I am not in the mood to run. I think running though will make it easier to want to shower in the cold bucket water in the morning. Goal, tomorrow morning. Start the "Fit in a guagua exercise routine." I have two years. I might as well use my time to start a good habit.

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  1. U can keep the 0600 n run in the morning part. Good luck though