Saturday, April 27, 2013

FRIENDS and hard drives

So, a new friend of mine, who also happens to be from Colorado let me in on where I could get FRIENDS (every episode, every season) as a digital copy. I now have every episode, every season, as a digital copy. I was going through withdrawals leaving my box set at home. Now I even have the episodes that never worked in my set (disc 10).

I also learned that I want a 2T my passport for Mac. Hard drives are what make a volunteers life here. I now own more digital copies of movies than I ever thought I would. They are much lighter than physical copies. I learned that information about books the last time I was over seas. You'd think I'd have learned that it applied to everything. Also, that was a wordy sentence.

I wonder if my pesos will afford me 2 TBs.


  1. Lol u should know this. U seen how many I have on my computer

  2. You're right, but sometimes I just don't think logically.