Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Visiting Santiago!

I have a friend in the education sector that lives in the second capitol, Santiago. 
His name is Christopher and he is happy. 

My experiences with Christopher tend to revolve around our curly hair. We are the "Curly Cousins" of our Peace Corps training group. We both experienced unwanted shortening of our curly locks just before coming to to serve. 

I also have a few things to say about visiting education volunteers. 
(Keep in mind, this is opinion based on my experiences and observations.)
1. Education Volunteers are happier than Business volunteers. 
2. Educations Volunteers Language Level increases much more rapidly than Business Volunteers Language Level. 
3. Education Volunteers work a lot and they work very hard. They are tired, but rarely bored. 
4. Education Volunteers are a lot less likely to be on informal ET watch. 
5. The life of an education volunteer might make you hate your life if you don't prepare yourself to realize their experience in the Peace Corps is very different from your own before hand. 

All of that aside, I loved the chance to see Santiago from a volunteer perspective. It was nice to see the school. It was interesting to realize we went into the city from the site 3 different times in one night without batting an eye. I appreciate the hospitality I was given with my friend. 

Thank you Chris for being able to understand and relate to my natural hair talk. 
Thank you for the tea. It was wonderful. Really, wonderful enough to mention. 
Thank you for just being you, and letting others be them. 

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  1. Amanda, that was an incredibly warming post of your experience staying in Santiago with me. Please know you are welcome to return for another stay -- even a bit longer if you'd like -- for more fun and compartiring. Curly cousins rule and my host family would still like to meet you. Excuse the weird timing. LOL.