Saturday, October 5, 2013


So, we're waiting and we're waiting and we're waiting. I was told I should go to the fiesta tonight, an being as it was told to me by my awesome neighbor I thought it would be fun.

Now I'm sitting in a big truck surrounded by standing children. At least 50 kids are standing in this truck like cattle. They are mumbling in Spanish and they shout every time we hit a bump. I do understand the consistent use of "coño" and "diache" though. It's packed to the brim... Yet I'm blogging in here. Who am I?
Here's a photo op.

And another... 

I'll add later if there's anything worth saying.

I found out what the party is for. It's for the patron Saint Mercedes. She protects Gualete. I haven't really find out what from, but I guess that's and she is doing her job. 

Also, this bit of cuteness happened. 

I love my new neighbors. I love my neighbors adorablef daughter. I love that she does things with her hair that are different from the norm. I better get back to a great evening.

Amanda yawns... "Is it over yet?" 

With traditional Amanda-style I am put having a good time, but the clock is striking 8:30 and I wish I were in bed instead of "having fun" with friends. 

I think the truck will come back to take all of those kids home. Maybe Dominicans want their kids in bed at a reasonable hour as well. I wonder what constitutes as a reasonable hour here... Being as some of these kids don't go to school until 1400, this fiesta con niños may go way into the night. So, these are my options, walk the three miles home in the dark and remember that this is a campo so nothing bad can happen (please don't read too much into that security, find a moto (oh wait, I am sin cosco), or stick it out (Amanda, this is by normal people join the Peace Corps, quit laying in bed all night.) 

Besides, the kids are about to dance. 

And this happened:

I should never go to bed again, ever.

And now I am watching 7 year olds have a dance off to Amara... A grind off shout I say. I don't know I I love this country or I lust it. I think that is the only way to live your life here... Constantly lusting something.

And my 7 year old neighbor won the dance off and I was beyond impressed... And jealous. I've never had moves like that, in or outside of a bedroom... I think I need to jazz up my home life a bit, do you think she'd give lessons?

Amanda is beyond exhausted. My knees are tired of standing on rocks in bad shoes.

I will also like to point out that the two foreigners are standing together speaking English over the loud Dominican music. Both are so bored they have begun to kick rocks. My bed... Why is it three miles away? 

Okay. The 16 year old boys are out. We just made them watch a bunch of young girls pop it for the past three hours and they are ready to play. Someone did something to my behind. It's time to go. They may have thrown a rock or a hand or 10 pesos, either way they all passed blame so I know it was a group effort. Good night. I'm headed home.

Maybe I'm flattered, but probably not.