Friday, October 18, 2013

Construye Tus Sueños

The Community Economic Development sector of Peace Corps Dominican Republic hosts a conference for young people every year. This conference is called Construye Tus Suenos which basically means building your dreams. This conference is the culmination of a business class taught throughout the year by the business volunteers. I am hoping to start teaching this class in January and was a worker at the conference this year. 

I just have to say, I was a little jaded by the internet at this wonderful 4 star hotel the conference was held in, but I did try to really see some of the students and recognize potential. 

The main reason I am trying to put some life into Construye for myself is my friend Antonio in my site has expressed interest in the course. Because Antonio is one of the few people in my site who seems to value me as a person, I want to show my gratitude by helping him get ahead in something. He has told me some of his ideas and I think they have possibility. I don't have perfect language skills, and my business knowledge is basic, but I am excited. 

This year the presentations I saw were pretty great. It was exciting to see that all of the winners this year were girls. REPRESENT. (In honor of my recent "feminism"). The students work really hard all year writing lengthy business plans which they go on to present to a panel of judges from banks and businesses across this country. They are coming from an education system that likely hasn't ever had them write a paper that long. The volunteers struggle all year teaching business skills, but they also have to teach writing skills as well as presentation skill along side mission statements and budgets. 

Either way, I am hoping I can feel like a useful volunteer once I get started. I felt a little useful during this conference, because my official work title was "Dora's Bitch". Dora was the leader of this conference, so I had a few "official duties. 

For your viewing pleasure, I will post a picture of Sara and I. I will warn you, the hair is a little big and I am a bit sickly, but whatever, we are Peace Corps Beautiful. 

Okay... and then I decided to post more pictures. 

Lobo and Juliana. 

Conference Stuff. 

Erin, also from Colorado. 

Conner, paying attention. 

Announcing the winners. 

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