Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two sides to every story

So, I did it. It is over. I brought together 45 students and 2 Banco Ademi guys. Since I thought about it in two ways the entire time, I will show you both sides of this story.

Starting "malo"; Glass half empty:

The Banco Ademi guy called me yesterday to tell me my kids couldn't go on the bank trip because we live so far out it is therefore too expensive. I arrived sweating, having carried fake gold made out of rocks all the way to the school. The Banco Ademi guys showed up, having driven an hour and a half to get there and it started to rain. It was raining so hard, nobody was having class. The director, who was meant to unlock the classroom and most importantly, provide the kids, wasn't there. When it was almost forty five minutes late, we finally crept into the class and the kids were ready. I blazed through what was supposed to take and hour and a half in about forty five minutes. The kids weren't super responsive and the Banco Ademi guy had to translate some of my Spanish into better Spanish. The Banco Ademi guy took his turn and the kids were obviously more responsive. We gave out certificates and the kids left.

Now, for the glass half full version and the one I want to remember:

Because I did my best, 45 kids were able to hear a wonderful charla. Because I did my best, 50 kids went home with a book about finance, written at a basic level they can understand. Because I did my best I have now gotten over my fear of speaking Spanish in front of 50 people at once. Because I did my best, 45 Dominican kids have certificates, and Dominicans LOVE certificates. Because I did my best, 50 new Dominicans have a reason to start a conversation with me.

The professional Banco Ademi guys were great presenter and would qualify as a great speaking group to bring in. A messy American was just the icing on the cake.

It's easy in life to look at what went bad. It stands out and brings big emotion. What I try to do and plan to continue with is finding the good. Where did I succeed. Where was a "failure" a new opportunity for success in the future. A "gratitude" list as Oprah would encourage.

What is life if we can't find the good?

Any way, I did it, it's over.

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  1. Sounds like a success to me! I can't imagine trying to condense a speech I was giving in a foreign language on the fly, you go girl!!!