Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A weekend and a mom

My friend Courtney had a visitor this weekend and she let me tag along for the ride. 

We had a lot of fun with Shell(e)y, Courtney's Mom. Together, we experienced what it's like to actually drive in Santo Domingo for the first time. We spent time in a cute hotel in the Zona Colonial. We went back to a little restaurant on the Conde where I have had drinks a few times. Sometimes it's weird when I think about how familiar this city is becoming to me. It was really exciting to be able to explain the city and explain some of the history of this country. I hadn't realized how much ownership I've taken for this country being a home of mine. 

We also spent time doing with her mom what girls and moms do when they get together. We went to the mall and went SHOPPING! How fun is that. I picked up some cute things in light of the fact that  my first visitor will be here in just over a month!!! (I am so excited if you can't tell.) It felt just like being back home on regular shopping trip.

After a little shopping we went to a little bakery restaurant and let me tell you, the food was AMAZING. I don't know if I've ever appreciated delicious food this much. At least I know I will be able to leave Peace Corps with a better palate. We decided to wait thirty minutes for a little extra special desert. WOW! It was amazing. It was delicious. It felt normal. It was fun.

After that we went to see that movie with Jennifer Aniston "We're the Millers" and it was hilarious. I've always been one to fully take in a movie. I always feel as if I'm there. Therefore, I was laughing, annoyingly loud probably, the entire time. It was just really nice to be at a movie with a friend and her mom for a simple girls day. Really, girls need these kind of days to survive. 

The conversations were flowing. The motherly advice was flowing. The desert was on point. It was just a very nice day. I don't think daughters ever get too old to love a day spent with a mother. 

Thank you Courtney for sharing you Mama with me for a day. 
Thank you Shelley for letting me experience you even though time is limited. 

Thank you Santo Domingo and the DR for continuing to surprise me. 


I'm just glad I got to encourage interesting topical conversations Courtney hadn't yet had with her mother. 


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