Monday, September 16, 2013

Vecinos de Colmado

I moved in to my new house and a week later a Colmado opened. Maybe I should say a bar opened. Maybe I should say a radio station opened. Either way, I can now buy rice in my pajamas and hear music 22/7.

I woke up this morning, I think it's a Monday, and I didn't hear anything. So I did what I think will be my new silent activity and I played a movie. I may have to buy speakers to hear anything over the music.

Well, I was sitting outside my home and I saw a bunch of dudes hanging out at the new attraction. I also saw a dude I've seen drunk hit on me more that once, so I made sure most of my doors and windows were locked. Well, homeboy walked over to me and asked about computers. As it turns out, whomever was working in the Colmado this morning didn't know how to turn on the music and needed my help in doing so... Okay.

Really, the homeboys in their simply didn't have the speaker plugged in and I think didn't know how to find music on a computer. It wasn't a Mac, it was windows, but it was running old software, so even though it was all in Spanish I was able I find the music really quickly. I hit play, plugged in a speaker and thought about the irony of my morning.


  1. How it went from quiet and peaceful to loud and annoying

  2. Basically, but now I think they may have just been celebrating their grand opening, because the music is not close to as loud as it was it the beginning and they turn it off at a Dominican decent hour.

  3. Maybe they were feigning ignorance to get the pretty American to come help them!