Saturday, September 28, 2013


(You should know this photo is my version of a dime piece. That is, died pesos de "cornflay", por favor.)

Here the word "corn-flay" means "cornflakes", but it also means "cereal". What I don't understand is how it's never evolved past that.

When someone told me they had "corn-flay" I asked them what kind. They looked at me, laughed, and then contorted their face as if I'd asked them what the square root of an equilateral octopus was. It's not that difficult. What type of cereal are you offering me? In the states we would answer: "Cheerios", "Trix", "Fruit Loops" or any other type of cereal. Here, people won't even differentiate that it's chocolate, fruit, or circles. How hasn't anyone ever wanted clarity in cereal here?

I can understand if cornflakes were the first to make their way to this island, but Tony the Tiger is here with the frosted variety tambien. Doesn't anyone ever want to know if they are being given sugared or plain?

The city is just as bad as the campo. Those nesquick chocolate balls called "Nesquick" are referred to as cornflay. The two ton sack of fruit o's... Also cornflay.

Whatever. I guess I should just submit to it while I'm here and know that when I'm home I can choose cinnamon life over cornflay whenever I want.

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