Friday, September 27, 2013

Because the Internet is a thing

I was telling my sister about my good friend Antonio and joking that he was into her. This came about when he mentioned she was pretty. To this my sister asked, "Oh, is that the guy that added me on Facebook?"

Me, confused, "No. He doesn't have a Facebook. Who added you on Facebook?"

Sister: Some Spanish looking dude with white hair.

Amanda: OMG. That's my project partner.

Now, you all remember how overbearing that "relationship" felt. I thought it was over. So okay, that was a thing.

Move ahead about a week.
I'm home from a trip to the capital and my project partner comes to my house to chat. It's dark, it's late, I've just done battle with bugs and I'm ready for bed. We talk and then he goes to leave. He turns around. Says he forgot to mention one thing.

"Your Mom is coming to visit."

I'm totally confused. Who is he talking about? My host mom? His mom. What do to mean. He starts to tell a story.

"Yes. She and I are friends on Facebook." He says her FULL name here. "She speaks Spanish."

Really? Why? I don't even know how to feel. Go Mom, you speak Spanish. The person who creeps me out the most in the world is now your best friend.

He tells me she and he discuss how wonderful I am.

I think I'm supposed to be happy. Really I just feel like I can't have any privacy from this guy.

I'm about to joke about ETing again.

(P.S. I'm going to throw this in so as my mom doesn't in any way think I'm upset with her. Not your fault, Mom. Not your fault this guy is a creeper. Not your fault I let it creep me out when it's probably totally and completely normal... Even though it's weird.)


  1. remember: when you ET, like ten of us are coming with you.

  2. Careful or he will find your blog. So ur mom going to be ur first visitor