Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm not dating the ice cream man

29 August 2013

You know how sometimes the ice cream man hits on you? He tries to take pictures with you as you are fixing your hair. He tries to kiss your cheek while your hands are occupied. Sometimes he will ask to "dame un key" thinking "key" is how he should pronounce "kiss".

I don't know how many times I said no and pulled away, the ice cream man still kissed me on the cheek. I asked my doña if this was strange. She says no, it's normal. He is a "muchacho serio". May I ask whose defining the terms?

I will point out that my ice cream man is now asking "que significa "Go Away!" Really though, "go away."

His son was here too. It was my first I.D. pull though. He wanted to prove to me that he wasn't too young for me. All of this because he was born in February of 1995.

I'll admit. I probably laughed too much. In the DR when you say "no" with a smile it means yes.

Also, this man really needs to decide if he has a wife or not. Months ago when he was hitting on me and I was giving him the cold shoulder he spent close to an hour trying to get me to look at pictures of him and his wife to prove that he was a "committed" man and that he was also a "taken" man. Then today he told me he didn't have a wife or a girlfriend and all he wanted was one "key" before he left.

Walk away ice cream man, walk away.(but don't forget to leave me a helado, por favor y gracias. Vente pesos, por favor, danka.)

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  1. But your project partner is the creeper!?!? Sounds like ice cream man is high on the list!